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What Clickezy can do for YOU!

Website design and web development including custom software development

Member registration, email forms and automated dynamic pages

We make it easy to update your website, intranet or extranet with ezy DIY tools. Content manager software to update websites.

Web shopping with our clickezy webshop, sell your products online!

Logo and print design is a service offered to our clients, a total business makeover with your new website!

Family tree websites, wedding website, let your family know what's going on in your world without having to be a technical geek!

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"You'll Get A Great Looking Website
And Never Pay For Updates Again!"

Just one reason businesses are choosing one of the fastest growing web developments today... But that's not all...

So, why do more businesses choose the Clickezy way? Business owners appreciate the time spent understanding their business and their goals. They generally do not appreciate listening to designers with inflated egos, or techno-speaking developers.

Many businesses with existing websites tell of their frustrations dealing with unreliable 'webmasters' to keep their websites updated. (Plus ongoing costs of 'maintenance')
Most businesses currently experience this old way of website development. It's too difficult/expensive to update, so they keep it the same as the day it was launched...

Is YOUR website like most businesses? (Chances are your competitors are also)
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Customer Testimonial

"The CMT (Clickezy Content Management Tool) is a great support to our business. 

We no longer have to contact others in order to update our website; instead we do it ourselves as and when required.  In this way our website is always up to date. 

The CMT tool is a secure but user friendly way tool which ensures that our website reflects the growth and developments in our business"

Geoff N. -PhillipsKPA Consulting
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